About Us

AquaPure Research & Development Sdn Bhd ( Company No: 1019915-A ) is incorporated in Malaysia on the 8th day of October 2012 under the Malaysian Company Act 1965.

AquaPure’s eel nursery site is located at Bukit Berlimbing of Belakong which is next to Mines Resort – an international tourist and shopping icon of Kuala Lumpur. AquaPure is supported by a group of marine biologists both from Japan, China and Australia. The Company wishes to develop a healthy aquaculture system to breed eels and to explore the possibilities of developing a hatching technology among eel species. The nursery site will be developed into a hatchery centre to seek for possibilities of hatching eels and act as a breeding centre equipped with some unique and advanced purification systems and technologies in the intensive aquacultures.

Exploring the hatchery technology of eel is a hard and long term investment. Most marine biologists had failed to hatch these unique creatures due to the difficuties to analogue the nature in habitat of the eels. AquaPure will continuously support and to invest into the research and development works of eel hatchery.