Intensive Aquaculture Water Recycle System

AquaPure Intensive Aquaculture Water Recycle System is customized for intensive eel breeding purpose. The system comes with a combination of system tools to eliminate Ammonia Acid, Nitrate such as NH2 and NH3 which is a common problem caused by over feeding. Apart from this, the ozone sterilization system helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and unhealthy alga and moss.

This system requires very minimum maintenance, checking the water conditions once every week to ensure that all system are working well which should be treated as a normal routine in the eel breeding farm. The Ammonia contain shall be at zero level at all times to ensure that Nitrate is properly being eliminated and a frequent Backwash is required to flash all fish fecal waste that are filtered in the fish fecal waste treatment tank. The Ozone plant has to be checked regularly to ensure that control valves are working perfectly to control the release of Ozone within the permitted safety level. Over release of ozone will kill and lead to death of eels.

Oxygen dissolving plant shall work properly for dissolving oxygen into the recycled water and flows back to the breeding tanks.


The Aquapure Bio Micro Organism Water Filtration System

The Aquapure Bio Micro Organism water filtration system is a total natural and environment friendly system that adapted from the Japanese technology. This unique filtration system does not require maintenance, no changing of water, no chemicals and no services to any of the ponds or breeding tanks as linked and connected to the system. It is 100% natural and based on the chemical reaction between the bio micro organism to convert the ammonia, nitrate (NH2 & NH3) to food source for the water plants and alga. The Diagram below shown that water contains fish fecal waste flow into Tank A that contains Bio-filter and some organism such like small fishes and snails. Water from Tank A then overflow to Tank B that contains bio-film coated with netting materials to decomposing the waste by the microbes and subsequently the water will then overflow to Tank C where water plants will absorb excess ammonia and phosphorus in the water. Clean water from Tank C will be pumped back to the breeding Tank and subsequently recycle back to the bio-filters and the whole bio filtration system can be self-cleaned.

Fish Feed Control

The fish feed and its formulations must be adjusted subject to the different growing stages of the eel. The average dietary protein should not be less than 45% with fat content less than 8%. Depending on the temperature, weather and feeding conditions as recorded based on per day/per feeding time and it has to feed for 2 times each day. The amount of fish feed should be at least 2-3% the body weight of the fish and subject to be adjusted once every 7 – 10 days. Mixed the fish feed with appropriate amount of soy bean oil before feeding and drop all fish feed at the fixed feeding base to reduce loss of feeds and to observe the feeding conditions of the eel.

Disease Prevention & Control

During the breeding period, sterilization & Insecticidal must be carried out once every 15 days. Use biological agents & water conditioners regularly per month in order to maintain good water quality and control the mortality rate. In addition, use Rheum herbs, Rhubarb, Garlic and other useful herbs crushed and mixed with fish feeds to feed at least 2 times a month to prevent and reduce disease. With this precaution taken, the survival rate is more than 90%.

Harvest, Glass Eel & Elvers Release Carousels

To build up a fine carousels turn for perfect harvest time, release of new elvers is much depending on the record of the growth pattern of the eels. The growing season for elvers with 3 inches length to its mature size is approximate eight months. About 50% of the mature eels reach to the size of 250gm /tail which meets the export specification requirements. Perfect carousels turn is to harvest once a month, which means the elvers must be released to the bleeding tank based on at least once per month for at least 8 months to complete a perfect carousels for harvesting. Eels must starved for 1 – 2 days before the catch.